In 2010 Anglowide GmbH was formed to offer software development and consultancy services to businesses principally in the Finance and Maritime sectors. We have had many years of experience both developing and managing numerous systems ranging from pricing and automated trading programs in the finance sector, to inventory and bespoke document storage systems used by marine consultants and surveyors.

More recently we have extended our scope to include cloud solution design and implementation with a specific focus on the security aspects of cloud solutions.

We do our utmost to ensure our clients begin to see the benefits of their investment early on, however we are extremely focused on the need for reliability, scalability and flexibility in the systems we implement.

Contact us for an initial discussion on how we can help you get maximum value from your technology investment.

About Us

Anglowide GmbH was founded in 2010 to offer software development and consultancy services to (initially) the financial sector. We have since grown to offer solutions to the maritime and SME sectors. Please see our About page for more information.


Andhauserstrasse 80,
8572 Berg, Switzerland

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