Cloud feasibility and readiness

Feasibility and readiness assessment

Performing an initial cloud feasibility and readiness assessment for any cloud candidates is a critical first step towards a successful cloud implementation. Things that need to be included in such a feasibility and assessment include (but are not limited to)..

Feasibility checklist

Infrastructure feasibility

This is driven by any specific technology requirements your application has and hence which need to be compared against those offered by a Cloud Service Provider (CSP).

Time and budget feasibility

These sections of a feasibility analysis take into account the budgeting and time expectations of delivering a cloud implementation against the constraints set by the organisation.

Readiness versus value

Create readiness and value indexes for each candidate application and plot the results. This will give you a good indication of which applications should be tackled first in a cloud migration

Could versus should

It is important to not assume that every application should be migrated to the cloud. Whilst there may be benefits of moving there, some data or technology constraints might prohibit it.

You should not assume that all your applications are good candidates for migrating to the cloud. Sometimes organisations will automatically assume that deploying to a cloud environment will bring tangible (and timely) benefits; a nirvana state, the holy grail !

... some corporate users are still discovering that migration to the cloud can be a bumpy ride.
Nick Huber - Financial Times : 9th March 2021

A Financial Times article recounts many examples of organisations whose cloud migrations did not live up to expectations. The article goes on to report that only 37% of companies questionned by Accenture report that they were getting the full value they expected. Such a low percentage of happy customers reinforces the need to undertake a comprehensive feasibility review well in advance of major migration plans are initiated.

Do not assume that just because you could go to the cloud, that you should go to the cloud.

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