Cloud readiness and planning


The results of your readiness assessments have confirmed that you do have applications that are suitable candidates for running in a cloud environment, that's great, now what ? This is when a detailed planning exercise needs to be kicked off covering things like ..

Service Model

Which service model

Depending on the extent of your readiness assessment you may well already have an idea of whether you need an IaaS, PaaS or SaaS service model. If there are uncertainties, the planning stage is where this should become clearer. There are a number of factors that might influence which is best in your case not least your time and budgetry constraints, the amount of control you wish to retain over an application (and your data), the current skillset of your employees and whether another company is already offering a service on the cloud that matches you needs. Generally IaaS affords you the most control over your cloud assets where-as at the other end, SaaS affords you a quicker route to get up and running

Security baked in from the start

Adopting any type of cloud deployment will bring different security challenges when compared to a traditional on-prem solution. Importantly, issues around identity and access management (IAM), encryption, data retention and deletion obligations, baseline system images and (especially for regulated companies) non-ephemeral logging need to be considered early in your design process. With the more widespread adoption of cloud technologies and the increased focus on "shift left" development practices (whereby testing, security and other considerations are addressed earlier in the development phase) developers need to have an increased awareness of topics outside their traditional development domain.

Service Model

Obligations around PII data

The introduction of the European GDPR and more recently the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) in America have brought attention to how companies handle data which is stored, processed or transferred on an applicable subject. By first classifying and then tracing your data flows both inside and outside your organisation we can help you to quickly build a picture of what needs to be taken into consideration when handling PII.

The deployment model

The choice of a Public, Private, Hybrid or even a Community deployment will probably be driven by a few key factors, not least of which is the degree of control you need to reatain over the data. Correctly classifying your data is a first step here since without that, you will find it difficult to establish whether particular laws or regulators policies can influence how such data should be handled.

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