Collateral Trading

Collateral trading along with its accompanying Collateral Management functions are an integral part of not just a banks trading activities but also that of hedge funds, asset managers and insurance companies. Although sometimes considered a service function for an equity or fixed income trading desk, a sec lending team that is able to source assets either from the firms private client base or from its counterparts in the market, is one that is able to add value to any investment banking organisation.

With the notion that short selling has come under the spotlight somewhat in recent years, it is still regarded by many as a critical and necessary part of daily free market operations. Since regulatory requirements dictate that short positions are ‘covered’ by the same class of asset (which is typically borrowed), being able to link outright position systems to those typically used by the securities lending desk (eg Apex Finace) means that shorts can be automatically covered without the need for manual trader intervention.

We have experience of developing systems that book thousands of tickets every day into securities lending trading systems. As a direct result, traders are able to spend more time optimising positions and interfacing with clients as opposed to booking volume tickets. With more automated systems, comes the opportunity for reduced manual input errors thereby further freeing up the time of both traders and middle office personel.

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