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Cloud Planning

Whether you are planning a new cloud deployment, migrating from an existing on-prem stack, or wanting help with assets that are already deployed in a cloud, we can help you on your journey. From an initial feasibility and planning exercise through to implementation and ongoing review, we would love to help bring your ideas to the next level.

Cloud Security

Applications and systems deployed in the cloud need a different approach to security, particularly when it comes to data security. With data privacy issues being in the headlines almost every day, being able to plan, implement and monitor controls to protect your cloud data and assets has never been more important.

Cyber Risk Modelling

An area that is of particular interest to us is how might you be able to first model and then quantify a firms exposure to a cyber event ? As a next step, what options might you have to deal with this risk ? Whether this takes the form of more automated controls or even to ideas around risk transfer, this is a particular area we are exploring.

Cloud Planning

The results of your readiness assessments have confirmed that you do have applications that are suitable candidates for running in a cloud environment, that's great, now what ? This is when a detailed planning exercise needs to be kicked off covering things like .... more

Service Model

Infrastructure as Code

For a while now it has been possible to use scripted code to define your infrastructure. This allows you to define cloud assets and accompanying infrastructure in a way that enables services to be provisioned in a controlled and repeatable manner, directly leading to a number of tangable benefits .... more

Infrastructure as Code

Leveraging technology for your success

We offer cloud design, security, consultancy and advisory services with our goal being to do our utmost to help organisations realise their technology goals using either in-house, hybrid or cloud based solutions. Whether your need is for general help and advice or assistance with actually developing a solution, we are ready to help you get the bext from your technology investment.

About Us

Anglowide GmbH was founded in 2010 to offer software development and consultancy services to (initially) the financial sector. We have since grown to offer solutions to the maritime and SME sectors. Please see our About page for more information.


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