Infrastructure as Code

Infrastructure as Code

For a while now it has been possible to use scripted code to define your infrastructure. This allows you to define cloud assets and accompanying infrastructure in a way that enables services to be provisioned in a controlled and repeatable manner, directly leading to a number of tangable benefits.

This enables repeatable deployments ...

By scripting your cloud infrastructure you are able to leverage a number of the principle benefits of the Cloud Operating Model, namely elasticity and on-demand provisioning. If you want your IaaS or PaaS assets to scale up or down based on real-time demand, having the capability to execute a pre-defined (and versioned) script which provisions, initialises and configures these additional services will give you the assurance you need to know that what you expect to be provisioned, will be provisioned.

... whilst reducing risk

Anyone who has provisioned cloud infra or services via the UI interface that all Cloud Service Providers (CSP) provide will have almost certainly found themselves (at least initially) provisioning the wrong class of asset, in the wrong region and with the wrong configuration. This might be more tollerable during a learning or development phase of your work, but manually doing this under time pressures of production incidents or scalability issues, and you'll quickly want to reduce any human involvement down to a minimum.

Infrastructure as Code

Combine with a CI/CD model ...

If you are already using CI/CD as part of your deployment model, you have the ability to leverage this existing capability to orchestrate on-demand cloud assets to help with not only production but also the testing and deployment process. On a number of cloud applications and websites (including this one !), we have combined Terraform with a CI/CD pipeline to create automated rolling Blue / Green deployments that take the code from a labelled commit, to testing, to integration and finally out to release.

... to help improve reporting obligations

Within a regulated industry the need to be able to demonstrate that both your own assets and data, as well as that of your clients is protected is of paramount importance. To help with this exercise firms will often commission an audit type review (eg SOC 2 Type II) or seek certification against an industry standard (eg ISO or NIST). Either way, the ability to quickly prove all your cloud assets have been provisionsed against a baseline standard will unquestionably help with any audit.

Our go-to tool of choice for Infra as Code is Terraform by HashiCorp. Whilst all major CSPs have their own Infra as Code offerings, Terrform is a well established and cloud agnostic infrastructure provisioning tool.

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