Our relationship with the maine and shipping industry stems from work with marine consultants and surveyors to ship owners and managers. With so much of the worlds trade being transported via the international shipping routes, there are always opportunities to further automate both on-board and shore based IT systems.

Given that many ship based users may not be as familiar with the use of IT as their shore based counterparts, a key component of any successful implementation is the usability of software. From inventory management to safety and alerting systems, being able to present data in a concise and clear way and in consideration of the surrounding environment can make all the difference with how the program is used under real working conditions.

The natural need to ensure that both ship and shore based systems are kept up to date and in sync means that it is vital that updates and data transfers are carried out during the short window that vessels are in port. We have experience in building systems that must be kept in sync and can transfer large volumes of encrypted data in bursts, all without degrading the usability of the system for current users.

If you need to modernise your ship-to-shore systems or need a new bespoke application, we would welcome the chance to discuss your requirements.

About Us

Anglowide GmbH was founded in 2010 to offer software development and consultancy services to (initially) the financial sector. We have since grown to offer solutions to the maritime and SME sectors. Please see our About page for more information.


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