Systems Development

Our core competence centres around building reslient and scalable systems in an iterative manner under sometimes extreme time pressures. With a background of building software in the financial sector we appreciate all too well that both time is money and that the requirements for most systems evolve over time (even during the development phase). We take the view that a system is more of an evolving project rather than something that is set-in-stone at the outset. As a result, we have been building systems in what was generally known as a rapid application development (RAD) style long before agile became what it is today.

Technology stack & showcase

The development stack we currently favour centres around the Typesafe stack of Scala and Akka. Having had many years developing with the Java language, we found the functional nature of Scala offers a fantastic way to literally do more with less code. Add to that the power that Akka brings in terms of the Actor development paradigm and we are finding it much easer and quicker to develop the resilient and scalable systems needed by modern businesses.

A recent in-house project required building a system to perform highly computationally intensive financial calculations in a scalable yet resilient manner. The use case for this is in the realm of algorithmic trading and in particular testing trading strategies against past prices. With tens of millions of price points to analyse, we developed a framework based around Scala and Akka that distributes work to various worker processes running on multiple servers all connected in a cluster. Finally this was deployed on Amazon AWS with both a WebSocket and a Json based RESTful API interface (documented with Swagger of course!). The result is an app that we're going to launch as a dedicated service for those wishing to test out their own algorithmic trading strategies.

Now we have a resusable, scalable and resilient framework that follows the Let-It-Crash development paradigm and can be deployed on either cloud or in-house cluster environments.

(For those interested, a technical overview is available to download here)

The iterate & feedback loop

With a strong focus on iterative development we do our utmost to ensure that the customer begins to realise the benefits of their technological investment from an early stage. With practical experience of both the Scrum and DSDM styles of software development we are very accumstomed to working directly with the end user right from the initial project inception through to the ongoing revisions of the released system. We have often found that starting with a prototype or a proof-of-concept considerably helps to not only prove (or disprove) the technological direction but also significantly helps the customer to crystalise their own vision of the features they need in the ultimate solution.

About Us

Anglowide GmbH was founded in 2010 to offer software development and consultancy services to (initially) the financial sector. We have since grown to offer solutions to the maritime and SME sectors. Please see our About page for more information.


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