Treasury and Liquidity Management

The treasury operations within many organisations undertake numerous vital functions that are typically geared towards ensuring the business has the current mix and sufficient working capital.

Ensuring the organisation maintains appropriate reserves and ratios in accordance with national and international regulations as well as all the accompanying reporting requirements, are an added treasury and liquidity function. In light of the more recent worldwide financial difficulties, the importance of maintaining healthy capital ratios has received renewed attention, especially with regard to the ability of an organisation to quickly raise financing via Central Banks or in the markets.

Add to this, an often changing regulatory landscape (with the likes of Basel III and the US Financial Regulatory Reform) and it has become clear that IT systems need to be able to not only absorb feeds from many systems, collate and normalise the information, but to present a cohesive and accurate picture to treasury and regulatory officers. Having had experience in developing systems to accommodate multiple feeds from trading, risk management and settlement systems, we know the importance of not only presenting information on the current state-of-play but also how the health of a firm is changing over time.

With Central Banks playing such an important and influential role in providing liquidity to the markets, the list of eligible assets available for pledging has naturally changed and expanded in recent years. Core to the ability of any firm to be able to pledge assets is the need for systems that can quickly identify and value collateral assets across multiple systems, locations and products. We have direct experience in building systems that first identifies eleigible collateral and then initiating the pledging process (via the Central Banks auction programmes).

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